Personal Trainer West London help with Post Training Pain

We all know what it is to feel the pain and soreness in our limbs after training. Personal Trainers in West London can help you to reduce the pain and keep you from dreading your next session. They reckon that to reduce soreness you must take action straight after the workout stops. We often ignore the stretching but it is a disaster not to do it. A great technique for post training stretching is to use foam rollers to get the knots out of your muscles. Then follow this up with the usually stretching routines. However there are also a few other things you can do.

Firstly think about what you eat and drink post training. You need to help your muscles to recover and to help the repairing of your muscles. A good source to help with this is by digesting some protein like a whey shake smoothie and give it a zing with some cherry juice. Cherry juice is great for reducing any inflammation and it works like an anti-inflammatory drug. Make sure you rehydrate yourself following a workout too. If you intake plenty of water it will help your circulation which means more oxygen will be getting around your body and therefore will reach your muscles.

Personal Trainer West London recommend sleep

We all know that the body needs at least 7 hrs sleep every night. When we sleep our body repairs itself. So it is really important to get a good night’s sleep following your workout session so that your body can recover. The type of sleep you get is also important you really need to be getting into the deepest level of sleep so that repairing can take place. To achieve this make sure that there are no background noises or lights that will disrupt your sleep.

We’re all hooked on our mobiles these days but they need to be set aside at night so that we can get the rest we need. It is also a good idea not to use any electronics for an hour before bed time. I might add that you don’t want to be having a drink a hour before bed time either as you will be up to the loo. If you feel a little stiff the next day don’t stop moving as this will help remove the stiffness.