Music with Personal Trainer Victoria

Personal Trainer in Victoria recommends the use of your favourite music during your workout. Whether you are into the dance music, rock or even a classic piece when added to your training program it can make things a lot less tedious. Many find that by using music in the workout it can actually make you workout with more effort and for longer periods. It doesn’t matter what type of music it is the beat and the words can put you in the right mindset to attack you training program with vigour. Also if you are playing songs you like then they generally make you feel happy and more positive.

Personal Trainer Victoria

The other side of it is that music can often shut you brain off from any discomfort you are feeling from the exercise as it can distract you. Many sport celebrities and top athletes will tell you that they use music to get the positive mindset which will motivate them and help them to perform better.

Personal Trainer Victoria recognises that music helps reduce obesity

You will have heard all the news reports that our country is facing an obesity epidemic. Well Personal Trainer Victoria say that music can help to reduce this problem of no exercise, obesity and even Type 2 diabetes. By just exercising to music 3 times a week you could be reducing not just your weight but your chances of developing chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

So how do we help you to achieve the optimum from you workout using music. Firstly we help you choose music that will give you the mindset to achieve. Often the music is upbeat, fast and always loud so that it sort of psychs you up to workout and gets you past the pain barrier.

We will devise an exercise routine that keeps your movement in the time and beat of the music. We choose music or songs that are the same time and beat right through so it keeps you going. For running exercises we choose music about 170-190 beats per minute, for intense exercise you need about 130-140 beats per min and lastly in the middle for exercises like cycling or rowing 85 -90 beats per min is sufficient. Also its a good idea to have encouraging words to a song as that helps keep you motivated.